School Holiday Program- Book Your Seats Now!

School Holiday Program- Book Your Seats Now!
Book your seats for School Holiday Program and grow in a fun atmosphere!
27 June, 2022 - 15 July, 2022
Note: Booking for the first week has been completed. You can now register for the second and third week!

We are organising School Holiday Program from 27th June 2022 to 15th July 2022 for over age of 5 years kids. The program’s major goal is to offer School students a fun atmosphere to learn and grow.

You can reserve your dates on any day that is convenient for you. Please view the schedule for the program down below:

Schedule for the first week

Schedule for the second week

Schedule for the third week

The program has a limited number of seats available, so make sure to book your seats by the due date! You are requested to reserve your seats by 23rd June 2022.

You can book your seats here or email us at Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.