About Us

Our Vision

Purple Support Vision is to be a supportive & caring Service Provider. We will achieve our vision by making a positive difference for people with disabilities.

Our Mission

We live by the motto “TRUST . LOVE . and CARE”. We bring boldness where we dream it and then do it –TOGETHER – by reinventing every day what is possible to provide better service for those whom we support.

Our Values

  • Strive for excellence
  • Respect and dignity
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Improving the quality of life

Our story

Purple Support was established in 2020 in Darwin, Northern Territory. Our simple goal is to help people with disabilities live a life without barriers that enable them to realize their full rights and possibilities. We live by the motto, “TRUST. LOVE. CARE” and we deeply believe in making a positive difference for people with disabilities. Having a combined of over 20 years in the disability sector set us apart and we are making a difference every day.

As a dedicated Service Provider, we have been supporting participants to maximise their potential in many ways. We utilise person-centred support approach through active listening. Our foremost aim is to assist participants to achieve their NDIS goals and well-being plan. In addition, reliable and flexible support, and quality service help maintain long-term relationships with our participants.

We Provide Services To Accelerate Your Well-Being